Amazing Stories of Young People Changing the World

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Recently a buddy of mine asked why I wrote my new book, This Change is Everything: The Hope and Future of Gospel Mission. I told him I wrote it because I’m blown away at how God has used young people to grow his church. Read below to see what I mean.


The story and theme of the Bible is very clear: God’s love for all nations and his love for the unique cultures he created. The Bible, and all of history, is also very clear when it comes to those who told the story. From the early days of the Bible through the present, we see example after example of God using young people to bless the nations.

A recent photo of students preparing to go to the world on a summer mission trip.

           A recent photo of students preparing to go to the world on a summer mission trip.

Here are some fascinating facts about the world changers we will look at in the book:


  • Some of the greatest leaders and missionaries in the Bible were young people.


  • Centuries ago, a shepherd boy named David, who happened to be about seventeen years old, destroyed the greatest warrior in the world. Why, exactly, did he do it? He did it, according to the Bible, to share with the world how great God is. This young man says he did it “to show the whole world that there is an extraordinary God in Israel” (1 Samuel 17:46).


  • God used a young woman named Esther in the Bible to save an entire culture.


  • All but one of the disciples of Jesus Christ, those who eventually spread Christianity, were all young, likely teenagers, when he chose them.


  • God called a young man named Patrick at the age of twenty- two to share the story of Jesus in Ireland in the fifth century. The results are almost unbelievable as God used him to reach an entire generation.


  • The first missionaries sent from North America were all under twenty-three years old.


  • God called a student, a sophomore from Occidental College in Los Angeles, to share God’s story with Indians in southern Mexico. Within a decade he translated the Bible into their language, planted several churches, taught them how to read, and trained them in life-saving health measures.


  • The greatest athlete in Great Britain’s history gave up his sport to become a missionary. He took his friends to China and shared with people who had never heard 
of Jesus Christ. He was twenty-two years old.


  • A nineteen-year-old from the University of Minnesota dropped out of college, bought a one-way ticket to Colombia, and landed in the jungle without knowing anyone. Just
 a few years later, an entire tribe had heard of God’s love
for them, and several became missionaries themselves.


The bottom line is that God has used young people throughout the centuries to help others know God and to grow spiritually. book-3


This book is written with you in mind. God wants us all to be missionaries. He wants us to help others, even in cultures different from our own, to see and understand how he is working. I hope this book helps you on this journey.


The first half of this book will be spent diving into the history of young people’s amazing impact on world missions. The second half of the book dives into the main obstacles they face as they consider crossing cultures and sharing the reality of Jesus Christ with people around the world. Through it all you will see how God has indeed made you a world changer.


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