God @ Work – Young People and World Missions

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I was surfing with a friend in Cocoa Beach earlier this week and the topic of my job came up. As we waited for a wave I was asked more about what I do and why I do it.

Taken last week in a contest - son David smashing the lip!

Taken last week in a contest – son David smashing the lip!


My friend took off on a wave – a good one actually – and I thought of the answer to his question. The bottom line is that I do what I do because Jesus changed my life back when I was in college. The college years are such an incredible time for a young person to grow spiritually, and to prepare for a lifetime of walking with God and pointing others to Him.


I thought of several stories of how God is at work around the world in the lives of young people, especially college students. Take a read and be encouraged!


God at Work in Ethiopia


Even though Ethiopian students were still on Winter Break, God recently arranged that Blake would meet Abel, an Ethiopian student, through a friend of a friend. Abel was curious about why Blake (a young missionary from here) was in Ethiopia, so Blake explained that he works with students and teaches about the Bible. Abel quickly replied, “Really? I could use you! I came here with my friend today because I want to know about Jesus.”

Just a few of the countries our young missionaries are serving hard in.

Ethiopia is just one country in Africa where we are seeing God work in and through college students.


Abel had recently attended a Protestant church and noticed something there that felt different from his own spiritual background. He began asking his friends questions, desiring to follow Jesus but not knowing how to do so. Blake was able to explain the gospel to Abel, and Abel chose to receive Christ and become a Christian with Blake right then!


Blake met with Abel several times over the next couple of days to help him grow in his new relationship with God, and just four days after he received Christ, Abel called Blake to share some amazing news. “Hi Blake, I’ve talked to two more people today and they’ve decided to join our religion, too. They want to meet with you to learn more.” The semester hasn’t even started and God brought Abel to know him, and then used him to bring two more people into the kingdom!


God at Work in South East Asia


Only God knows the impact a single relationship can have. Deba, a young student is continuing to grow in his faith. At the beginning of March, we helped send out 4 mission trip teams to reach various villages on the outskirts of the city.

Of the 50 students being sent out, Deba was one of them.  Intentionally, he and his team were sent to his own hometown, a type of suburb-village hybrid that was just a 2-hour train ride north of the city.  This is a town where the word “Jesus” is literally an unknown word.IMG_1169


In that one week they shared their faith with 97 students, and saw 59 students pray to receive Christ that were from local college campuses. Of those who received Christ, 4 took the step to be leaders on their campus by starting Bible Studies/fellowships.

At one of the few churches in the area, which was home to maybe 20 people, the team led the Sunday service with music, testimonies, and a message. They had a HUGE turnout and they said it seemed like a church revival moment!


God at Work in Latin America


A group of 7 students from 5 different cities in Colombia were challenged to leave for 90 days for Nicaragua, a country that none of them had ever been to, to trust the Lord with His plans to see how He could use them. And He did just that. These students had plans to start Bible studies on the main university in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. God had other plans. BIG plans.

Daughter Kirra and her team on their way to Latin America last month.

Daughter Kirra and her team on their way to Latin America last month to share with high school students. Sorry, didn’t have any pictures of Managua!


God continued to open door after door and in just 3 months, this group of students PLUS 39 new Nicaraguan student leaders started Student-Led Bible studies on 5 different campuses, both public and private all throughout Nicaragua (not just in Managua).

Talk about a 5 fish and 2 loaves kind of story! They were also able to share the saving message of the Gospel with more than 200 students during their time. I know they will leave changed forever. They were available and God multiplied their efforts.


I could share several more stories from around the world of how God is at work in the lives of young people. But I’ll save those for another post in a week or two.


I hope you are encouraged at how God is working in the lives of young people around the world! For more information on how you can join these students overseas go here:


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