What Others are Saying About “Dropping In”

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“Shane Sebastian loves surfing and loves Jesus, and his passion for both shines through on every page of Dropping In. His contagious excitement will make you want to get in the water and get in the Word. Get ready for a ride... Shane is the perfect guide for exploring the exhilarating world of life with Jesus.”

—Matt Mikalatos, Speaker and author of Good News for a Change: How to Talk to Anyone about Jesus

“Shane does a great job using surf culture to introduce and invite his reader to live the adventure of following Jesus. His book is easy to read, very enjoyable and relatable. It will definitely motivate you to know Jesus more, and it may even inspire you to get out in the water!”

—Jonathan Whitmore, Athletes in Action, Pacific Southwest

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“A revolutionary book…”

“For years Christian surfers have tried to express who Jesus is and how he can guide us in our daily lives. I feel Dropping In has finally bridged the gap for surfers to grow closer to Jesus and better understand what life with him is all about.”

—John Daniels, Retired Professional Surfer, Contest Judge, Coach, Owner of Learn To Rip Surf School

“In his book, I Surf, Therefore I Am, Philosopher Peter Kreeft writes, “I think God surfs all the time.” Another writer has commented, “Life is a wave, and your attitude is your surfboard.” I believe both. If you’ve ever surfed, you know that it is truly a spiritual experience that is almost beyond description. In Drop In, Shane captures the essence of all of this. With fun stories and insight into God and life from the perspective that only a surfer can bring, this is a must-read for anyone who has a bit of saltwater running through their veins. Shane didn’t just write this book—he lives it. I dare you to read it and not have some of his spiritual stoke rub off on you.”

—Dr. Douglas Witherup, Lead Pastor, CFA church and wannabe surfer

“Shane Sebastian knows surfing. Even more than surfing, Shane knows Jesus! Dropping In takes you along on his many adventures and misadventures of surfing and following Jesus alike. This is a the real life tale of how God is using surfing to reveal himself to Shane and the world. Everyone who reads it, including wanna-be surfers like me, will want to jump on their surfboard and go after the biggest wave of their life…following Jesus!”

— Scott Rubin, Young Life Area Director (North County San Diego)

“Shane has the unique gift of communicating life-changing truths in a down-to-earth way. Dropping In is engaging, motivating and brings a smile to the reader’s soul.”

—Megan Donovan, Teaching Leader, Bible Study Fellowship International

“If you have ever considered having spiritual influence through doing the things that you love then Dropping In is the book for you.  Shane Sebastian shares refreshing stories, and teaches with clarity on three of his favorite things:  God, Family, and Surfing. If you are someone that likes to read stories of faith, family and fun, but yet have powerful action steps for how to love God and love your life, then this is the book for you.”

— Gary Schmalz, Athletes in Action, Minneapolis

“Surfing is a great example of the Christian life. You have to be fully committed when putting your faith in Jesus, just like when you take that drop. A great read, and I highly recommend Dropping In to anyone of all ages.”

— Gavin Seaman, Lifeguard, Competitor, Eastern Surfing Association, Satellite Beach, Florida

“Dropping In is a wave-riding description of what it means to follow Jesus with stoke. Shane writes with clarity and winsome skill, describing the Christian life through the brilliant metaphor of surfing. Don’t miss the wave of Dropping In and get your copy today!”

—Dr. Bryce Ashlin-Mayo, pastor, professor, and author of Age of Kings: Pursuing God’s Heart in a Social Media World

“A handbook for Surfing the waves of the Spirit…”

“I live on the beach in Waikiki where I see people who are excited to learn to surf. They usually just run down to the beach and rent a surfboard instead of hiring a beach boy to guide them. They struggle and often find themselves in peril. They do not know their way through the channels to get out to the take off spot and when they get there they don’t know what wave to catch, when to paddle, when to try to get up and how to stand. They usually wipeout or worse find themselves in serious danger. Shane Sebastian’s book is a guidebook for life. It’s readability and adventurous stories draw the reader into a deeper contemplation of life, stirs up the desire to ride the waves of the Spirit and the wisdom to do so. Surfs Up!

—Bear Woznick, Best Selling Author, World Champion Tandem Surfer, Host of “Long Ride Home with Bear Woznick” EWTN Reality TV show Host of “The Bear Woznick Adventure,” EWTN Radio show Founder of Deep Adventure Ministries

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“Fully experience

the stoke…”

Really cool to see Shane put to words what God has been showing me in the ocean all these years. If you are wondering why there is something more to the ocean but you can’t quite put a finger on it, read Dropping In and have God, through Shane's experience, help you make that connection to fully experience the stoke, life and surfing have to offer.

—Damien Hobgood, Professional Surfer, Big Wave World Tour Competitor

“As an experienced surfer and minister, Shane invites us into the world of surfing and how to achieve spiritual stoke in our lives.  Whether you are a surfer who wants to grow in your spiritual life or just a person surfing through life who wants more clarity on how to experience an abundant spiritual life, Dropping In will help you have the direction you need to see God make more waves in your life so that you can truly live a life of adventure and purpose.”

—Holly Melton, Speaker, Author of Follow My Lead: Responding to God’s Voice in Everyday Encounters

Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (Jn. 10.10). In his latest book, Dropping In, Dr. Sebastian draws upon his experience of “spiritual stoke” in surfing to unpack for us what Jesus intended. This is a book about surfing and following Jesus, living over the ledge, trusting the wave, and placing our energy in what really matters.

— Dr. Loren Kerns, PhD, Portland Seminary

“Whether you surf or not, Dropping In is a book for everyone. I really enjoyed reading all of Shane’s stories and how he uses them to illustrate Biblical truth. This book is also an excellent resource for discipleship and small groups. I am certain anyone who reads this book will be inspired to share the beauty and “stoke” of life with Jesus!”

— Abel Mendez, Calvary Chapel, Student Ministries Pastor

“Shane Sebastian loves surfing and following Jesus, and his story reveals what it’s like to do them both to the ends of the earth. Never having surfed, I learned a whole new vocabulary. But even more, what’s so enjoyable, is Shane’s stories of surfing reveal that anyone can experience the stoke that comes from following Jesus.”

— Keith Bubalo, Global Strategy Coordinator, The Jesus Film

My surfing son gave me a love for the ocean—and for surfing. That is, watching others surf. Now I have grandsons learning to surf. I’m also a writer, and I love analogies. Shane Sebastian has done a beautiful job of uniting the joy and thrill of riding waves with the joy and thrill of walking with Jesus.  He makes it practical and enticing. Who wouldn’t want to drop in on a perfect wave. And even better, who wouldn’t want to connect with a perfect Friend and Savior. I will be getting this book for my son and my grandsons.

—Judy Douglass, Writer, speaker, encourager, Director, Women’s Resources at Cru