Dropping In

Experience the Life You Were Meant to Live

What's it about? Purpose. Connection. Impact. These are things we long for. In Dropping In I provide keys for how to have them. Despite what you might think, this book is not about surfing, well not primarily. It’s about embracing the life God intends for us all — a fulfilling life of purpose, a life of connection, a life of impact.

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“…an absolutely refreshing read.”

“Dr. Sebastian hits the nail on the head and holds nothing back in giving us all the tools and resources we need to lead a deeper and fuller walk with Jesus. Surfer and non-surfer alike can expect to enjoy a well rounded understanding of what it means to live a life filled with faith and spiritual stoke. To make this drop is to experience life fully refreshed and ready to take on any size wave this world may bring your way.”

Aaron Gold, World Record Holder for Largest Wave Ever Paddled, Professional Surfer, Actor in Surfers and Cowboys

“Shane Sebastian loves surfing and loves Jesus, and his passion for both shines through on every page of Dropping In. His contagious excitement will make you want to get in the water and get in the Word. Get ready for a ride... Shane Sebastian is the perfect guide for exploring the exhilarating world of life with Jesus.”   

— Matt Mikalatos, speaker and author of Good News for a Change: How to Talk to Anyone about Jesus.

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“…ready to drop in!”

“As an avid surfer and follower of Jesus I’ve always enjoyed the similarities of our sport compared to our journey in Christ. In this book Dr. Shane Sebastian has done a fantastic job doing just that. He’s made sometimes a very hard to relate subject fun, inviting and easy to identify with. Even if you’re not a surfer this book will leave you super stoked and ready to drop in!”

—Randy Nolan, Founder of FLOW, Co Director of Eco Pro Surf Series, Surf Brand Ambassador, Former National Champion & US Team member

“From the opening quote “Surfing is like the mafia. Once you’re in—you’re in. There’s no getting out”) to the closing words (“I’ll see you in the water”), this may be not only one of the best books ever written on surfing, but one of the best books ever written on what it means to surf the Spirit as a disciple of Jesus. The moment I dipped my toes into the book and “dropped in,” I was so captivated by the wisdom of the breaking waves and washing machine I didn’t want to “get out,” even when I was washed ashore when I ran out of pages.

— Leonard Sweet, best-selling author (Bad Habits of Jesus), professor (Portland Seminary, Drew University, Tabor College, Evangelical Seminary), and founder of preachthestory.com